Phoenix Business Attorneys for the Business World

The Law Office of Donald W. Hudspeth, PC of Phoenix has firsthand experience in the business world; many of us had business careers before we started practicing law. Our attorneys take legal problems and provide solutions in layman’s terms without overwhelming or confusing our clients. As a firm with a focus on business law, we pride ourselves on our ability to communicate well. We understand your needs and take them into consideration as we help you start a new business, prepare a contract, or negotiate a dispute.

Turning Legal Problems into Business Solutions

Many general practice law firms in Phoenix boast having a lawyer or lawyers with business law backgrounds. However, their ability to serve businesses seldom attains the business law skills available at The Law Office of Donald W. Hudspeth.

Our firm practices business law exclusively. Our extensive experience in business law, contracts, and negotiations means that we cover your owner-operated corporate legal matters with thoroughness that is hard to duplicate at the offices of other attorneys in the Phoenix area. As a strong team, our attorneys assist small businesses and start-ups, with:

Phoenix’s Business Lawyers with a Worldwide Reach

Located in midtown Phoenix, Arizona, the Law Offices of Donald W. Hudspeth are easily accessed either by light rail or car, with plenty of available parking. Our attorneys work with business owners throughout Arizona on their legal needs. The firm’s practice extends to other states and countries, including Canada and China, for corporations and LLCs. If you need talented business lawyers, contact us.

At the Law Office of Donald W. Hudspeth, we do more than connect the dots for businesses—we create the dots. Contact us at 602-265-7997 or toll free at 866-696-2033 or email us.